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An alternative to the brown paper bag

Review: Goodbyn

Rating: 5 Stars

For many years I suffered from the squished sandwich syndrome—you know, when you pack a delicious sandwich for lunch but by the time you pull it out of your backpack it’s a deformed and indistinguishable mess? Yeah, that one. No matter how hard I tried to balance the sandwich on top of my books it always managed to slide itself down into the crevices that are perfect for reducing my sandwich to half its original size. Kind of like how fast food burgers are never the same size as the ads make them out to be. Except that’s not the fault of my back pack. That’s just false advertising. But I digress.

I would like to offer an alternative to this inconvenience. Thanks to Goodbyn, we can now save our sandwiches from that horribly squished fate. They offer lunchboxes in bright colors and two different sizes, Bynto and the Original. Each lunchbox comes with a water bottle and two sheets of stickers to personalize your Goodbyn lunchbox. So maybe these lunchboxes are aimed more towards kids—who cares! We can enjoy those sheets of stickers just as much as any 10-year old can!

Goodbyn is a USA company that strives to eliminate the waste typically spurred by plastic baggie lunches. Their lunchboxes are dishwasher safe and they promote diverse eating by including many compartments.

Luckily for us, Goodbyn can be found locally at the Moscow Food Co-Op. Stop by and pick yours up today!

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